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HO, S, & O (1/48) Fine Scale Products

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Shipping Info

There have been some issues with my online store. My web provider says they have fixed the issues! If you have problems give me a call at 314-401-4005 and I can take your order over the phone and will most likely ship the next day.

Shipping will be added when you proceed to PayPal. If you wish to order by mail or phone add the following shipping to your order. We take credit cards or checks.

Shipping is as follows -

$0.01 to $25.00 - $4.80 shipping

$25.01 to 50.00 - $6.80 shipping

$50.01 to 95.00 - $9.80 shipping

$95.01 to 200.00 - $13.50 shipping

$200.01 and up - $16.50 shipping

FOREIGN ORDERS - Buy the items you want. I will weigh the parts and send you the actual shipping amount. You can then pay shipping using www.PayPal.com, "Send" button, and fill in the amount and our email address - berkshirevalley@gmail.com.

If you do not have a PayPal account you can order direct. Just send us your order and a check in US dollars and we will send you our products. 

Any questions send us an email at berkshirevalley@gmail.com