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Greg Gray's On3 & O Scale Collection

These are part of follow modeler Greg Gray's collection of railroad stuff. I am helping him selloff his collection and am not taking any commission. All proceeds, less shipping and PayPal costs, go to Greg and family. 

Greg was a prolific backdrop painter for many of the model railroads in the Midwest and across the country. Due to health reasons  he wishes to offer his items to other modelers who will appreciate them.

If you are interested in purchasing some items please email me at rands00@swbell.net (those are zeros in the email address) or berkshirevalley@gmail.com. I can send you an invoice through PayPal for the amount plus shipping. If you would rather pay by check or credit card I can set the items aside for a short period and wait for mail. Or I can take payment over the phone.

The are no boxes for any of the items unless noted.  Most engines have not been run for years, however, Greg believes everything did run.  Most of the NG engines are DDC and modified by Brian Post. I am not very knowledgeable on the much of this stuff as I model On30 so please keep that in mind if some items are mislabeled.

Please make payments on PayPal to berkshirevalley@gmail.com

O Scale Narrow Gauge Items - On3, On30, & On2
On3 unless noted

2-8-0 Brass



2-6-0 Brass

missing details

C&S   B-3-B



2-8-2 D & RGW K-27 Brass



D&RGW 2-8-0 #12 C-21 Balboa




Coal Bin

#205                             $20


#223               $10  

Station - plastic

#224                      $50


#227                      $20