Trucks Trucks Dan Wolschon used our #200 Pickup Truck kit to model this scene. Fantastic!! 205994629 205994630 205994631 #232 REO Box Truck built by Bill Davis 205940599 #232 REO Box Truck built by Bill Davis 205940600 Mort Spelman - Display featuring several of Berkshire Valley trucks and detail parts. October 2017 204497894 204497989 204497991 #202 Large Stake truck built by Bill Michaels. Bill Michaels sent me these photos of an O scale large stake truck that he modified and built. They are on a sawmill diorama he is building that he will bring to the 2020 NNGC in St. Louis. Beautiful work! Looking forward to the sawmill. 205940601 #202 Large Stake truck built by Bill Michaels 205940602 Variety of kitbashed trucks using the #202 chassis. Built by Eric Green. 205940603 Built by Eric Green. 205940610 #257 Produce wagon. Built by Eric Green. 205940612 Built by Eric Green. 205940611 #202 Large Stake Truck built by Keith Stamper . 205940604 #200 Pickup built by Keith Stamper. 205940605 #231 REO Canopy Truck built by John Robinson. 205940626 Bill Justus built our #257 Produce Truck. 205940681 Will Duensing built the #209 tow truck with some modifications. 206150009 Will Duensing - Tow truck 206150010