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HO, S, & O (1/48) Fine Scale Products

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Fine Scale Vehicles, Parts and Structures
 Berkshire Valley Models is dedicated to providing O (1/48, 1/4" scale), HO, & S scale detail parts, structures, and vehicles.  We plan on continually adding to the line on a regular basis.  

#257 Our new Produce Wagon is now available. Like our other vehicles the produce wagon (also known as Arabbers)

consist of highly detailed white metal parts and laser cut wood. Lots of extra details and includes decals.

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#208 New Produce Truck is comprised of white metal and laser cut wood. The kit includes crates, sacks, and baskets of fruits and vegetables. Also, included is hanging scale for weighing the produce. 

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#256 Photography Wagon

Another in our growing line of realistic wagons. The kit is comprised of laser cut wood and white metal parts. Included are the decals and the box camera and tripod. 

See more on page 1 of our web store. 


#464 Chicken Coop

We have re-released the Berkshire Valley chicken coop. The kit consists of an easy to assemble urethane coop, fencing, details, and a dozen chickens. Area measures 4"x 5", but can easily be changed. See page 3 of our web store.

Great mini-scene.

#230 REO High Wheel Delivery Truck

#231 REO High Wheel Canopy Express Truck

#232 REO High Wheel Box Truck

Another style of the #232 Box Truck

#207 1934 Service Truck - O scale (1/48).

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#206 1934 Log Truck - O scale (1/48, 1/4" scale)

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