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HO, S, & O (1/48) Fine Scale Products

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Products for the Discerning Modeler


#261 Buggy - O scale

Buggies were a main mode of transport in towns and cities for 1 or 2 people. These were specially useful for doctors in making house calls. The #261 Buggy is a white metal and laser cut wood kit. 

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Fine Scale Vehicles, Parts and Structures
 Berkshire Valley Models is dedicated to providing O (1/48, 1/4" scale), HO, & S scale detail parts, structures, and vehicles.  We plan on continually adding to the line on a regular basis.  

We are releasing an HO version of our Water/Sprinkler Wagon kit.  These were used to delivery water to various businesses and to keep the dust down on unpaved streets.

Decal included.

Horses and drivers available separately.

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#2104 Stake wagon - HO Scale

Another in our growing line of HO wagons. the stake wagon, also known as a dray wagon, was used for hauling heavy loads, barrels, crates, etc.

Horses and drivers available separately.


New wagon kit in HO scale - #2103 Buckboard 
Buckboards were a staple in cities, towns, and rural areas around the world. This kit is made of laser cut wood.

Driver and horses are available separately.

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We are releasing a new wagon in O scale, #260 Water/Sprinkler Wagon. These were used to delivery water to various businesses and to keep the dust down on unpaved streets. See more at: 


#209 1934 Tow Truck - O scale

Our new tow truck is now available. Comprised of white metal the kit is loaded with details.  This is loosely based on a fantastic model built by Chuck Doan a number of years ago.

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We have re-released the Yankee Girl Mine in O scale (1/48) and HO scale. The kit represents the rebuilt head-frame and hoist house that are still standing on Red Mountain Pass, Colorado. 

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We have added 3 new outhouses to our line, 2 in O scale and 1 in HO. Laser cut wood, easy assembly. Inexpensive.

#860    Outhouse #2 - O scale      https://www.berkshirevalleymodels.com/apps/webstore/products/category/1102392?page=1

#861     Outhouse #3 - O scale      https://www.berkshirevalleymodels.com/apps/webstore/products/category/1102392?page=1

#2014  Outhouse #1 - HO scale    https://www.berkshirevalleymodels.com/apps/webstore/products/category/1558878?page=1