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Fine Scale Parts and Structures
 Berkshire Valley Models is dedicated to providing O (1/48, 1/4" scale), HO, & S scale detail parts, structures, and vehicles.  We plan on continually adding to the line on a regular basis.  
8-5-18   The HO scale Iowa-Tiger Aerial Tram Terminal is now available in our first very limited run at Berkshire Valley Models. The cost of the kit is $50.00 cheaper then when originally released.
8-9-18   The O scale 1934 Log Truck is now available. Ford did not produce log trucks at the time.      However, many trucks were modified for hauling logs.   
8-24-18 The O scale 1934 Service Truck is now available. Included are a 200 gallon fuel tank, 55 gallon drums, cans, and tools. Perfect for servicing your logging, mining, and other equipment found on or off your layout. Decals are included. 
11-28-18 The new O scale (1/48) Crane-neck Windlass Wagon is now available. Modeled after a Fulton & Walker heavy truck that could carry loads up to 5000 pounds. A winch was mounted on the wagon's neck allowing bulky items to be dragged onto the bed for transportation. Decals are included. See more photos in the Web store.

#255 Crane-neck Windlass Wagon - O scale (1/48).

See page 1 of the Web Store.

#207 1934 Service Truck - O scale (1/48).

See page 1 of the Web Store.

#657  5 Gallon Pails  

#658  5 Gallon Square Cans,  Both sets are O scale. Decals are included.

See page 7 of the Web Store.

#206 1934 Log Truck - O scale (1/48, 1/4" scale)

See page 1 of the web store.

#2005 Iowa-Tiger Aerial Tram Terminal - HO Scale

See page 1 of the Web Store.

Beautifully designed laser cut kit.

#2200 18' HOn3 Ore Cars - 2 per package, less trucks & couplers

#351 16' Ore Car

O scale