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HO, S, & O (1/48) Fine Scale Products

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Fine Scale Vehicles, Parts and Structures
 Berkshire Valley Models is dedicated to providing O (1/48, 1/4" scale), HO, & S scale detail parts, structures, and vehicles.  We plan on continually adding to the line on a regular basis.  

New false front building in HO. #2030 the Family Apothecary, 2-1/4" x 3-1/8"
Laser cut wood with white metal detail parts. Building is made to allow for an interior to be added if you desire. Decals and a sign included. $21.95.
#2029 Boardwalks available separately.

We have added #676 Passenger Train Step Stools to our growing line of station detail parts. A must on every passenger car.


We have added the #872 Pump House to our line. Perfect for feeding water to your water tanks. Also, can be used as a small power plant for a mine, mill, or manufacturing plant. Kit includes the #673 Wheelbarrow and #662 Coal Shovel.


We are releasing a new HO scale kit - #2110 Photography Wagon. 

Also, available separately is a Photographer - #2184.

Horses, mules, and drivers available separately.

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Three new O scale water tanks in both standard gauge and narrow gauge are now available. Go to our Webstore then O Structures for more details. Kits #866-71


We are re-releasing the HO scale #2017 Goble Building Material Kit. The prototype was across the street from the D&RGW station in Silverton, CO. Also, there is an expansion kit #2018 for extending the model to match the prototype building.

More information in the webstore.


New O scale Detail Parts - 

#673 Wheelbarrow & Shovel

#674 Jerry Cans - 4

All Scales - 

#670 Small chain - 18"

#671 Medium Chain - 18"

#672 Motors - 3 (in O scale 5 HP, HO - 10 HP, S - 6 HP)

#210 Tank truck. Comprised of white metal and laser cut wood. Perfect for hauling fuel, oil, or water.

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Our latest wagon in HO scale - #2109 Paddy Wagon.

Comprised of laser cut wood, detailed white metal parts, and wire.

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Our small ore bins are now available in both O and HO scale. They are laser cut wood kits that go together easily.

#864  Small Ore Bin - Mine Track O scale (1/48)

#2015 Small Ore Bin - Mine Track HO scale

Includes mine track trestle with Code 40 rail.

#865 Small Ore Bin - Truck Ramp O scale

#2016 Small Ore Bin - Truck Ramp HO scale

Perfect for unloading ore from trucks and wagons.

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