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Fine Scale Parts and Structures
 Berkshire Valley Models is dedicated to providing O, HO, & S scale detail parts, structures, and vehicles.  We plan on continually adding to the line on a regular basis.  
 12-25-17 update -  We have purchased Anvil Mountain Models line of HO, O, & S structures and the line of O scale wagons & horses. The HO scale Aerial Tram Buckets (#2000), Towers (#2001 & 2002), and the #2003 Walsh/Duncan Bay Window House are now available. Three of the O scale wagons are available. These will be followed by the HO Yankee Girl Mine and Iowa-Tiger Tram House this winter. 
2-1-2018 O Scale oxen & hatted horse are now available.                                                                         
 2-8-2018 O scale #467 Crossing Gates are once again available. These have laser cut crossing arms     and includes an assembly fixture for an easy build.  Two per package. 
2-22-18 O scale Mule Teams and two new Wagon Drivers.                                                                        
3-11-18 Oops! We hoped to have our new ore cars ready by now when the NG&SL Gazette ad came out. Unfortunately, due to a metric/English measurement mistake some of the patterns for the detail parts on the cars are not ready. Shooting for the first week of April for release. If you are interested in one or a dozen send me an email at [email protected] and I will let you know when we are ready to ship them.                                                             

#2200 18' HOn3 Ore Cars - 2 per package, less trucks & couplers

#350 16' On30/On3 Ore Car 

#351 22' On30/On3 Hopper Car

P/N 292 Mule Team #1 - O scale


P/N 293 Mule Team #2 - O scale


P/N 299 Driver #3 - O scale

#467 Crossing gates

#291 Oxen, Jim & Sam - O scale

#288 Hatted Horse - O scale